Hernan Cortes – Bass, Percussion, Vocals


Hernan, the old guy in the band, grew up in Cuba playing percussion in carnivals with the town’s “Parranda” band. He also played guitar with his cousins. While living in Spain, he played in a rock band that played mostly European Rock, like Beatles, Rolling Stones, Slade, Deep Purple, etc. Later in the US he played in a number of very different bands that covered everything from salsa to hard rock. Hernan played in restaurants, corporate events, and weddings before family obligations limited his music playing time. In 2007 he was asked by a local band to play a few songs at a corporate event and that reignited the passion for playing again, thus The White Hot was born. He likes almost every kind of music known to mankind, but his primary musical influences are the Beatles and Santana, although he has always admired and enjoyed the heavy blues sounds of Johnny Winter.

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